The Progressed Moon Through The Signs

The Progressed Moon shows your evolving emotions. It slowly travels around your chart taking about 28 years to complete a cycle. The sign your progressed Moon is moving through will tell you the type of energy you will be working with for about 2 - 3 years. It's an incredibly powerful influence and I ALWAYS cover it during any of my readings. To make the most of your current phase find out where the Progressed Moon (aka secondary directions) is in your chart and then read on...


You are coming out of a more empathetic, vulnerable chapter where you were learning to give up control. Life asked you to embrace a lesson and you had to surrender to the flow. Now your emotions have shifted and those areas that required compromise or sacrifice are now looked at with anger. You can feel the energy building beneath the surface and sooner than later your emotions will erupt to clear things from your path. Now is a time for directness. By letting go of fear, excuses and niceness you can take risks and embrace courage. These strong emotions will need an outlet so if you’re not directing them correctly you might end up unleashing on some innocent bystander. Impatience, restlessness and over-the-top reactions are likely so keep things in check. Be active and take charge of your life.


A progressed Taurus moon brings the need for rest. You recently went through a high-energy phase where you were acting more and thinking less but now is a time to be still. You are learning how to reconnect with your natural rhythms. Taurus needs security and stability, when you develop a daily routine you can start to relax with the certainty of knowing what the next day will bring. This is a phase of your life where you need to simplify. The world around you might not change much but your reaction to it should. Walking away from drama and those environments that push their way into your inner peace is a priority now. Seek silence, meditation, nature, music and pay attention to your body. Changes in diet that better honor your health and well-being will be beneficial. Careful to not overdo this quiet time with laziness or over-sleeping.