Gemini Sun In The Houses

If you were born with the Sun in Gemini you have a restless mind as a tool to discover something new about life on a regular basis. Your curiosity will take you far and as you learn about many different subjects you begin to teach others what you know. Communication forms your foundation, it’s the spark that fills up your soul. The house your Sun is placed in will show which area of life your Gemini energy will shine the brightest. Houses describe the types of experiences that will support you in creating a healthy sense of self and reveal the areas that you must actively develop your solar energy in to feel the happiest.


An insatiable curiosity leads you on a path towards self-realization. You will feel your best when you are free to follow your instincts and wandering mind. A first house sun asks who am I and what do I want? With it sitting in changeable Gemini you will come realize that you are many things. You shine the brightest when you can embrace a youthful attitude while moving from one experience to the next gathering knowledge along the way. Your many perspectives add color to your growing identity. Your wit and friendly attitude are worn on your sleeve and there is no hiding your love of good times. This is a very direct and blunt expression of Gemini energy and you likely use your body to communicate your message. You also have the gift of perceiving or mimicking those around you as it helps you to learn about yourself. You must expand your powerful mind and use your child-like energy to joyfully explore your world.


Confidence comes through knowledge and your attention focuses on finances, possessions, and security. Your mind is an asset and the more you expand your understanding of the world the greater your ability to thrive in it. There is a drive to learn as it supports your need to provide for yourself. You value communication, ideas, and intellectual stimulation. As you gather information from your environment you strengthen your capacity to communicate your values confidentiality. You might need to push through insecurities around self-worth and to prove to yourself that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do but fortunately your innate talents consist of proficiency, adaptability, humor, perception and brilliance. Travel, sales, journalism, teaching, advertising, communications, or any area that has you sharing your skills can satisfy your need for variety while supporting your bank account. Develop your personal power by choosing to focus on those things that you value the most then share what you know with clarity and confidence.


You are the go-to for details about who, when, what, where & how. As you move through your life you become a walking book of knowledge. The third house represents your voice and the more environments you find yourself in that allow you to talk, sing, teach or deliver a message the better. You are meant to stay open to every possibility and discover all the different facets of life without judgment. You can find yourself lost in local drama or the latest happenings because collecting information on everyone and then of course sharing it is your specialty. A gossip? Perhaps but the truth is you are just super informed about your neighbors, events, restaurants, social scene and more. Your identity will change frequently based off the new information you collect, and you shine the brightest when you’re able to express all the magnificent details bouncing around in your mind. You are a natural networker and have the potential to successfully communicate an idea to almost anyone.


Your emotional world is a haven for you, a private place where you are free to explore all your inner workings. Information collected out in the public world is processed privately before being shared with others. You value your quiet time because it allows you to sift through your daily observations and to dive deeply into subjects that interest you. The heart turns the head and there is a strong link between your desire for knowledge and your inner world. Your intuition will guide you to the teachers, places, and people you need to expand your awareness. Your home and family are important as well as those friends that become family. Often your mind wanders back to childhood and those early experiences that shaped you. You learn how to adapt to changing home environments well but feel the best when you discover what home means for you. You shine the brightest when you can mentally dive into your rich emotional center and then follow where it leads you.


Your voice and thoughts find creative expression here, often in dramatic or theatrical ways. An active mind takes center stage and an audience is needed. You have things to say, sing or share and others will listen. Life is about experiencing joy and seeking pleasure, your pursuit of these things will keep you jumping from one social scene, romantic partner, or latest activity to the next. Your light-hearted nature allows you to b