Cancer Sun In The Houses

The house your Sun is placed in will show which area of life your Cancer energy will shine the brightest. Houses describe the types of experiences that will support you in creating a healthy sense of self and reveal the areas that you must actively develop your solar energy in to feel the happiest.


You move through life guided by your intuition and emotions. You are a leader and the active, protective side of your Cancer energy will be noticed by many. You can anticipate the needs of others and possess a gift for nurturing those around you. Your path forward involves introspection and a deep connection to your inner world. Create boundaries between other’s needs and your necessary self-care. You can get lost in your desire to help those you love and feel responsible for their happiness. You have an important role to fill. One that is guided by your innate creativity and deep emotional world. You will shine the brightest when you can balance the highs and lows of your feelings while leading with compassion and care.


You require security, roots, and a solid home base. You possess talents that will help you to provide for yourself and others. You have an innate ability to perceive the needs of those around you. You can use your creativity and emotional depths to create stability within your world. Tuning into your intuition will guide you to the resources and skills needed for self-sufficiency. Your confidence comes from your ability to successfully nurture those people, pets and projects you value, but your energy will weaken if you try to be everything for everyone. Insecurities could have you doubting your ability to take on the game of life but facing fears and conquering self-doubt will help to develop strength and you will come to realize you can accomplish much.