I am a spiritual, kind of witchy, astrologer, card reader, medium, past life reader, kundalini yogi and certified life coach. Just trying to see the meaning behind it all and grow into my potential. I fully believe in everyday magic and my journey into this beautiful world started with astrology.  It’s an incredible tool, a never-ending study of planets, people, history and current research. It’s consciousness unfolding, mixes observation with intuition, mathematics with creative expression, and free will with a universal will. I was secretly studying the stars since I was young but when my Saturn Return came around everything began to shift.

Hey there!

Tarot, oracle cards, and other spiritual tools came into my world a few years later. I also work with past life traumas to uncover soul memories that are contributing to deep-rooted issues. With these insights I can help you to break through limiting karmic patterns.  Life coaching was a natural fit and as I moved through my certification, I realized most of my work already involved the basic principles of this uplifting skill.


I have two B.A. degrees, the first in philosophy/art history and the second in psychology. My goal was to become a professor but my life completely flipped upside down during my kundalini yoga teacher training. After that incredible adventure I realized there was no going back, and in typical Taurean fashion, slowly embraced my calling.

Being true to my eclectic Uranus rising I also spent the better part of a decade teaching ballroom dance and consider myself a teacher at heart. ​Everything I bring into our sessions are practices that have changed my life in every way possible. My goal is to empower you with knowledge, help you connect to your own magic and teach you to trust your intuition so you can live your best life.


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